Market Snapshots


27th October | morning

09:30 - Welcome by Richard Betts & António Gil Machado

09:35 - Europe – the answer to the crisis and future opportunities

How will Europe help reach a global compromise answering the worst crisis for a century and what is the impact?

What are the consequences of the biggest liquidity program ever seen? How will the European “Green Deal” influence our cities and real estate investment?

  • Carlos Moedas, Former EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

10:35 - Market Snapshots & Interviews

11:05 - Break out to visit the Exhibition!

11:15 - Interview with Mr. Pedro Siza Vieira, Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition of the Portuguese Republic

12:00 - Market Snapshots & Interviews

12:45 - Break out to visit the Exhibition!

27th October | afternoon

14:30 - Market Snapshots & Interviews

15:00 - The opportunity to invest in Portugal and what is changing in 2020

How has the real estate market adjusted to the new scenario of a Covid pandemic in Portugal? Where are today’s most promising investment alternatives? What does the future look like for Investors in Portugal?

Jointly presented by :

  • Eric Van Leuven, Head of Portugal, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Francisco Horta e Costa, Managing Director Portugal, CBRE
  • Paulo Silva, Head of Country Portugal, Savills

15:45 - Market Snapshots & Interviews

16:15 - How and where to invest in the Portuguese Residential Market?

Is this the time to invest in the Portuguese residential market? Where are we in the current market and which are the most suitable models for investment? Build to rent - is this an option in Portugal? Why and where to invest in Portugal?

Round Table participants include:

  • Fernando Vasco Costa, Managing Director, Nexity Portugal
  • Cristóbal de Castro, Managing Director, Albatross Capital
  • Luís Gamboa, COO, VIC Properties

17:00 - Closing & Main conclusion by Roger Cooke, Chairman of the Editorial Council of Iberian Property

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