Water Eficiency in Buildings – New opportunities
15 December 2020

Nelson Lage
Adene – Agência para a Energia
Filipa Newton
ADENE – Agência para a Energia
New System Coordinator
Ana Poças
ADENE – Agência para a Energia
WATTer Skills Project Manager
Nuno Lacasta
APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Miguel Nunes
ERSAR – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e Resíduos
Director of the Department of Direct Management
Armando Silva Afonso
ANQIP – Associação Nacional para a Qualidade nas Instalações Prediais
Sandra Lameira
Director of the Qualification Systems Integrated Management Department

Final Conference of the european project WATTer Skills

ADENE, supported by Vida Imobiliária Magazine, organizes the Final Conference for the presentation of results and finalisation of WATTer Skills – “Water Efficiency and Water-Energy Nexus in Building Construction and Retrofit (2017-2020)”, a project co-financed by the ERASMUS +European Commission's program, involving Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Starting with the project results and its proposal of training framework of new professionals in water efficiency, this Conference will promote an extended discussion with multiple entities and stakeholders such as APA, ERSAR, ANQIP, ANQEP, LNEC, IEFP, UGT, Order of Engineers, Order of Technical Engineers, CICCOPN, DGRDN and APEAon market needs and the new solutions for improved water use efficiency, also considering the water-energy nexus in buildings.

There are two new professionals under discussion, which respective training frameworks are the main results of the project: the Water Efficiency Technician (WET profile) and the Water efficiency Expert (WEE), both considering the water and energy nexus.

The WATTer Skills Strategic Partnership - with the coordination of ADENE and the collaboration of the partners FLC - Fundacíon Laboral de La Construccíon, FORMEDIL - Ente Nazionale per la Formazione and L'addestramento professionale Nell'edilizia and CRES - Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, takes particular importance under the national and European context, given the growing need to adopting new water efficiency solutions in buildings and intending to cover the lack of specialized professionals to implement these solutions in the market.

For more information about WATTer Skills: https://www.watterskills.eu/watterskills-pt/

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  • Nelson Lage, President of ADENE


Opportunities for water efficiency and WATTer Skills linkage targets and national and European initiatives

  • Filipa Newton, New Systems Coordinator, ADENE


WATTer Skills training framework: new professions to water efficiency and water-energy nexus in buildings

  • Ana Poças, WATTer Skills Project Manager, ADENE

Discussion over the new professions and answers towards the market challenges in the water efficiency sector

Moderator: António Gil Machado, Vida Imobiliária

Round table (Advisory Board of the WATTer Skills Project)

  • Nuno Lacasta | Chairman of the Board of Directors of APA - Portuguese Environment Agency
  • Miguel Nunes | Director of the Direct Management Department of ERSAR - Regulatory Entity for Water and Waste Services
  • Armando Silva Afonso | President of ANQIP - National Association for Quality in Building Installations

Debate (Group of Stakeholders of the WATTer Skills project)

  • Armando Jorge Carvalho | Qualification Services Directorate of IEFP - Institute of Employment and Professional Training
  • Ana Cristina Correia | Head of Environment and Quality Division of DGRDN - General Directorate of National Defense Resources, Ministry of Defense
  • Helena Alegre | Director of the Hydraulics and Environment Department at LNEC - National Laboratory of Civil Engineering
  • Vanda Cruz | Executive Secretary of UGT - General Union of Workers
  • António Bento Franco | Member of the Specialization Committee on Hydraulics and Water Resources of OEP - Order of Engineers
  • João Ribeiro e Sousa | President of the College of Mechanical Engineering of the OET - Order of Technical Engineers
  • Carlos Miranda |Technical coordinator of CICCOPN - Professional Training Center for the Northern Construction and Public Works Industry
  • Ana Luísa Cabrita | Vice-President of APEA - Portuguese Association of Environmental Engineering

Final message and next steps in training professionals for water efficiency

  • Sandra Lameira, Director of the Department of Integrated Management of Qualification Systems at ANQEP - National Agency for Qualification and Professional Education, I. P.

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